Supporting bushfire relief

We are proud to announce the first donation recipient of funds raised through the sale of Bearhugs for Australia products was Adelaide Koala Rescue.

Adelaide Koala Rescue has carried out amazing work throughout the bushfire period, rescuing and medically treating an astounding number of our impacted koala population. They continue to provide vital rehabilitation in the aftermath of the devastating bushfires as Australia rebuilds.

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Adelaide Koala Rescue

Saving Australia’s Koalas

Adelaide Koala Rescue is a not for profit organisation and registered charity providing a free 24/7 wildlife rescue service to the South Australian community 365 days of the year. Due to the large volume of koalas we rescue and care for daily, they have little time for fundraising, especially during a bushfire crisis.

Your donations will be used by Adelaide Koala Rescue Ltd to help pay for:

– Veterinary bills including medication
– Formula and nutritional supplements for hand-raised joeys and koalas in rehab
– Essential equipment such as transport carriers and rescue poles
– Essential veterinary supplies including bandages and other burns dressings
– Essential veterinary equipment including items for laboratory testing

Please visit their website to learn more about the organisation. Your support means we can continue saving SA’s koalas. Thank you in advance for your help!

Adelaide Koala Rescue Clinic Bearhugs For Australia
Adelaide Koala Rescue Rehabit Bearhugs For Australia
Adelaide Koala Rescue Rescue Bearhugs For Australia