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Bearhugs for Australia

What’s it all about?

Bearhugs for Australia provides a visual way for the people of the world to show their solidarity and support for those affected by the Australian bushfires.

All you need to do is purchase one of our creative designs and rock it proudly, knowing that you’ve played a part in the Australian bushfire relief effort.

100% profits to charities supporting Australian bushfire relief & recovery.


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What’s with all the hugging?

We’re just like that

A bearhug is given to our mates with great enthusiasm, both as a greeting and also a way of showing empathy and care. By wearing a piece of our apparel, you’re sending a bearhug to those that need your help Down Under.

Creatives for #bushfirerelief

International collaboration

All apparel & accessories designs have been generously donated by our super-talented collective of international artists, illustrators, typographers and graphic designers. Our Bearhuggers thrive off knowing their art is being enjoyed around the globe while making a positive difference to the Australian bushfire relief effort. We think they’re awesome!

Artwork by Maria Keller

Meet our Creatives

Artist Koala Bearhugs For Australia

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100% profits go to charities supporting bushfire relief & recovery


Who’s crazy idea was this?

A note from our founder

“Along with the rest of the world, I’ve watched in sadness and disbelief as devastating bushfires raged across much of Australia.

Living in the beautiful Adelaide Hills in South Australia, I’m fortunate to be surrounded by natural bushland, with koalas frequenting my own backyard. I have friends who lost homes and businesses to fires in my region though thankfully my own was untouched.

Feeling the need to do something to help my community and country, I’ve put my creative skills to use to establish Bearhugs for Australia. It’s my own small way to be an active part of the relief effort and to provide other creatives with a chance to do so as well.

I hope you can get involved – buy a product, spread the word, help make a difference!”

With thanks and bearhugs,
Jeremy Boyd
Founder, Bearhugs for Australia
Creatives for Bushfire Relief

Jeremy DV Boyd is a freelance graphic designer based in South Australia. Any resemblance to a real koala is purely coincidental.

Jeremy DV Boyd Bearhugs For Australia