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Bearhugs for Australia

Creatives for Bushfire Relief

Bearhugs for Australia has been established as a way for the people of the world to proudly display their support and solidarity for their mates Down Under!

Our international collective of big-hearted creatives have come together from around the world to produce a collection of artistic apparel and accessories for sale.

100% profits to charities supporting Australian bushfire relief & recovery.


Look good. Do good.

Bushfire Relief T-shirts, Apparel & Accessories

Show Australia your support – purchase from a growing collection of customisable creative designs adorning Men’s, Women’s and Children’s apparel including T-shirts, Long-sleeves, Pullovers & Hoodies. Or get your paws on our designer Water Bottles, Mugs & Totes.

Keep checking back – New designs COMING SOON!

Bear Hugs for Australia



Help save koalas and their friends

Assist wildlife rescue and recovery

Australia has been hard hit in recent times, with widespread bushfires decimating wildlife populations, including our beloved koalas. Many of the animals that have survived have been left with burns, injuries and ongoing difficulty to try and survive in a burnt-out landscape.

Many wonderful wildlife rescue groups are doing heroic work in locating surviving animals, treating them and nursing them back to health for return to the wild, but they need your help!

Profits from the sale of Bearhugs for Australia products will go directly to assisting some of these organisations and the important work they do to save Australia’s unique wildlife.

Photo by @susannah_keogh

Help rebuild native habitat

Assist landscape revegetation

The recent large-scale bushfires have been utterly devastating to Australia’s beautiful natural landscapes. The sheer scale of the destruction is difficult to fathom.

The accompanying photo, taken in the Adelaide Hills of South Australia, provides a glimpse into the problem much of our country is now facing. With huge tracts of bushland wiped out, the animals that have survived are left with a landscape devoid of vegetation and little to no sources of food.

Profits from the sale of Bearhugs for Australia products will assist land care groups with their vital work of revegetation and restoration of our natural landscapes.

Photo by Lynton Vonow

rebuild native habitat

help volunteer fire services

Help volunteer fire services

Assist Australian Firies

Volunteer firefighters, or ‘Firies‘ as they are known in Australia, are our heroes on the front line of the fire relief effort. These courageous men and women selflessly risk their own lives to save the lives of others.

In many areas of the country, wildfires have caused total devastation to entire regions and communities. People’s homes and businesses having been destroyed and many lives have been lost.

Profits from the sale of Bearhugs for Australia products will go towards assisting Australia’s volunteer country fire services. From the people of Australia – THANK YOU FIRIES!

Photo by @mollysaundersphotography

100% profits go to charities supporting bushfire relief


Wildlife Rescue


Country Fire Services


Landscape Revegetation

Meet the Creatives

Our ‘Bearhuggers’

The Bearhugs for Australia collective brings together high-level creatives from around the world, including artists, illustrators, typographers and graphic designers.

Their artistic styles vary, though they all have one thing in common… a HUGE heart and a desire to play an active part in helping the Australian Bushfire Relief. Read more

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Chris Edser

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